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Business is supported not by money, technology or equipment, but by human resources . In my recent blog, I have been thinking about the theme of “What can a company do for its employees ? ”

Telecommuting, which has spread all at once due to the corona crisis, will remain as one way of working in the future. Creating an organization that can demonstrate teamwork even remotely is likely to be an issue that must be tackled not only to survive the coronavirus, but also in the medium to long term .

So this time I would like to take up “remote team building”.

What is remote team building?

Remote team building is a device or initiative for employees working in remote locations to build trust with each other. If there is a team that works hard together wherever they are, it will be a great asset for the company. Risks of not doing remote team building

If the connection between members is weak:

Members do not grow because they cannot ask for help when they are in trouble
Inefficiency due to uncoordinated work
Collaboration that takes advantage of each person’s individuality is not possible
members feel lonely
There is a risk of In particular, the loneliness of not getting the support of the company is a negative psychological state that can lead to leaving or changing jobs.

It is the duty of the company/boss to promote interaction between employees during remote work On average, employees see each other for about 40 hours a week (some people even longer) when they show up to work every day.

In such an environment, a sense of community is born naturally.

Companies must play a more active role in remote team building. It is necessary to schedule the event at a time when everyone can participate, and to plan the content well. You can let the team take the initiative in coming up with ideas about what kind of activities are good. It doesn’t have to be too difficult. If you can’t come up with a good idea, you can ask other teams for ideas.

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