11 Examples Of Activities That Strengthen Cohesion In Remote Teams

September 12, 2022

Now, let me give you some ideas of what activities you can actually think of.

1. Create a “virtual office”:

Small talk and small talk play a very important role in team building. This is where a “virtual office” comes in handy. Easy to make. All you have to do is turn on your camera . Now you can recreate your office environment on the web. You don’t have to talk about anything, but if you want to ask something, it’s convenient because you can just say “Is it okay?” just like you would at the office.

At first, it may feel strange to be in front of the camera all the time, but if you think that it’s the same as being in the company where people are always looking at you, then you’ll understand that it’s not such an outlandish idea activities . increase.

2. Virtual Break/virtual Lunch:

The idea is to create an atmosphere similar to when you go to Starbucks to buy coffee, or chat in the office break area. Decide on a time, have the participants turn on their cameras, and take a break together activities . As a host, I want to keep in mind bright news and positive topics. for example…

“The material that Mr. 〇〇 made was very easy to understand and was well received by the client.”
“The foliage plants in 〇〇’s room are wonderful.”
“I want to make coffee more delicious, how is everyone doing?”
“This interesting thing happened at the supermarket the other day…”
“I’m working on Excel now,

do you think there’s a more efficient way to do it?”
It’s okay to talk privately, and if you have a small successful experience at work, I’ll share it more and more. If you can share the joy of  activities something that made you happy, it will have a very positive effect on your team.

Also, I think it’s very good to solve problems with everyone’s wisdom and ideas.

3. “Home Office See” Tour:

The idea is for the team to take turns introducing their ‘home office’. for example

Introduction of convenient goods for telework
How to take a breather
Introduction of pet dogs and children activities
interior i like
Easy-to-make lunch and snack recipes
etc. Let’s take advantage of the situation where a child bursts into the work room and make it a device that everyone can take a break. Subordinates with small children should feel at ease.

4. Holding Web Events:

Company events are great opportunities for employees to communicate with each other. Just because you can’t do it in real life doesn’t mean you have to stop. It takes preparation and budget activities, but the event still feels special. for example…

IT reluctantly
remote cooking class
Online yoga class
Online sake and wine tasting (arrangements are easy with a service that mails you a sake tasting set upon request)
Events unique to online are also appearing, so please try it.

5. Organize book clubs and movie fan clubs:

Do you have a team with a lot of fans of reading and movies and TV dramas? Hobbies-based team building should be enjoyed by participants activities . The good thing about reading books and watching movies is that you can not only communicate, but also practice critical thinking and discussion. It can be said that it is an activity that kills two birds with one stone as it improves your skills.

If you don’t have the right person to pull the club, how about a book/movie like this to start with?

“Telework textbook” Real know-how compiled by activities, Inc., which has pursued diverse work styles since 2010
“Wuhan Diary” is a blog written by a writer living in Wuhan who was completely blocked by the new coronavirus.

“World History of Ledger” The Medici family, the Spanish Empire, the French Revolution, the American War of Independence… How did accountants flip the abacus behind the scenes of history?
Wandering Moon 2020 Bookstore Award Winner
“Arrival” If you don’t have time to read a lot, how about a picture book like this?
“Nomadland” A topical work that won three Academy Awards!
“Wolf of Wall Street” Bunker must-see, real life of Wall Street.

6. Compliment Online:

Human beings always have a desire to be respected by others, and acknowledging the work of employees is the basis of employee engagement . It also helps improve retention . Are you neglecting to praise your subordinates because you have few opportunities to communicate face-to-face?

Try to come up with various ways to praise online.

Compliment on the spot via chat or email
If you want to make someone feel special, give them a compliment over the phone.
praise at a team meeting
Post in a place visible to other employees, such as the intranet or company bulletin board.
Encourage members to compliment each other
Send a small thank you, such as a Starbucks or Amazon gift card.

7. Gamify the competition:

No one likes to lose. Just saying “I don’t want to lose” is enough motivation. Take advantage of this by dividing departments into groups and let them compete. Since the purpose is team building, it is OK even if it is not related to work. for example… remote walking competition
Compete for the total running distance of members in a week and the number of stairs climbed
Team photo contest. Compete for the number of “Likes” you get in-house.
Excel Art Contest (For advanced users, click here )
etc. Don’t forget to award the winning team!

8. “Ice Breaker Game”

Plays like gesture games are the royal road to team building. Situational games such as “What if you were left behind on a deserted island…” are also recommended.

Standard trivia quiz competition
Deserted island game: Prepare an item list in advance and ask each team to announce their answers
“Whose Childhood Is This?” Quiz
Presentation of “memorable photos”: Each person chose one photo and shared an episode Pictionary : This is a game where you can guess the secret theme written on the card using only pictures.

9. Create opportunities to talk to colleagues who aren’t “good friends.”

It’s very natural for a team to make like-minded friends, but why not create opportunities to interact with other members? Randomly create pairs in the company and have them chat with each other for 5 minutes every day. After a week, switch pairs. You may be able to make friends with unexpected people, and if you do it jointly with other departments, it will be an opportunity to learn about other departments.

10. Send a gift to an employee working remotely:

It would be nice to receive a present from someone when you may be suffering from loneliness. It doesn’t have to be expensive activities. Merchandise with company logo
Stationery such as sticky notes and ballpoint pens
If you can make them feel that “someone activities (the company) cares”, it should play a role in improving their well-being activities.

11. Friday Petit Launch:

Finally Friday! Any member of society will remember that sense of openness. That feeling of going out on the town on Friday…even if it’s not exactly the same, it’s very meaningful for the team to share the sense of accomplishment that “You did your best this week too!”

How about setting up a free-to-attend “break meeting” at 5:00 on Fridays, where alcohol is allowed and people can chat with each other? Effectiveness measurement of team building activities The heart of remote teambuilding is sharing fun experiences. If you feel that the glue is bad, you may need to correct the course.

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