What Is Online Team Building?

Team Building
September 12, 2022

Online team building is a method for employees working in remote environments to build trust between team members and create highly productive teams without meeting face-to-face. We typically use communication tools such as Zoom , Google Meet , and Microsoft Teams.

There are many reasons why virtual team building activities is gaining popularity year after year. One of the most obvious advantages is its flexibility. Employees are not constrained by where they work or when they travel, so they can promote a healthier lifestyle. Another advantage is that people meeting for the first time can meet together and achieve effective collaboration. And don’t forget the cost-effectiveness. Online team building eliminates travel, lodging, and venue costs, leading to overall cost savings.

Importance Of Online Team Building

Many companies have abolished physical offices due to environmental changes such as the diversification of employment styles in recent years and the diversification of work styles such as shortened working hours and telecommuting. While the high degree of flexibility is highly valued, there are concerns about lack of internal communication and lack of team awareness.

Team building plays an important role in maximizing the functioning of a team, as it can bring members closer together and create more intimate relationships. Dialogue also creates a more cohesive and cooperative team by deepening mutual understanding, recognizing differences, and respecting each other’s independence.

Over the past year and a half, there has been a surge in remote work and hybrid teams (some working in the office and some remotely). This is a major shift in the way we work, and one that will no doubt have lasting effects well beyond the end of the pandemic.

On The One Hand, There Are Advantages For The Company:

In that they do not have to pay high rent to rent a large office, and there are advantages for the employees Team Building in that they can avoid crowded trains and traffic jams, saving time spent commuting. The quality of communication between employees is declining due to lack of interaction in shared spaces.

Most of our communication now takes place through business chat and video conferencing tools, making casual conversations in break rooms and hallways impossible. In fact, the accumulation of such casual communication supported the foundation of team exchanges and strong bonds.

The decline in quality of communication becomes more pronounced over time, and in the long run it affects productivity as well. Therefore, how to create an open and stress-free communication environment will become the most important way to connect each team member in the future. Therefore , online team building activities can be a very effective way to improve the quality of communication and build trust between team members while having fun.

So, this time, we have prepared a list of team building games that will help you have a good time with your team, activate communication between members, and lead to increased work productivity . These games are very easy and don’t require any special preparation, so you can easily fit them into your daily work schedule. Please try it.


Online team building, which creates opportunities for team members to collaborate in a virtual environment Team Building, is important for companies wishing to develop their employees. By collaborating on problem-solving activities and looking back on the results and processes, it is possible to effectively promote the team’s awareness of issues and the understanding of others.

Can You Hear Me Now:

This game is a highly entertaining activity that is widely recommended as one of the most effective ways to practice accurate communication. How to Play: One member of the team will be the speaker and the rest will be the artists. The speaker selects a random image from the internet, tells the artists it’s shape description only, and asks them to draw a picture.

Example: Draw a rectangle and draw a triangle on top of the rectangle.

Of course, this is not an efficient method if your goal is to paint a nice house. As you can see, it’s a harder task than it sounds. That’s why this exercise is a good example of how accurate communication takes practice and how to learn the principle of “spend time, save time.” If you and your team can spend some time practicing your communication in a relaxed atmosphere, it will pay off the next time you need to change your customer presentation.

“Never Have I Ever” Family Edition:
In a remote work environment, some colleagues may never meet in person, so fostering personal connections and mutual trust between team members is critical.

Perhaps some people know Team Building “Never Have I Ever” as a drinking party game. The fun part about this game is that you’ll discover surprising new things not only about your fellow players, but about yourself as well. It’s a popular game at drinking parties, but it’s not suitable for the workplace as it is, so here’s a family-friendly version. It will surely be a good opportunity to discover common points between members and share interesting stories.

How to play: First, make sure everyone has a plastic bottle of water ready. Prepare a list of questions yourself, or ask each participant to come up with a few questions. I’ll start when I’m ready.

“Never have I ever…” says something that you have never done before. Other members who have heard of it, if they have experienced it, must drink water. For example, if you say, “I have never¬† Team Building been to Italy,” then you must drink water if you have been to Italy. Encourage people to ask each other questions, preferably about their stories and experiences, as this will give them a chance to get to know each other better.

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